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Ma®Te is a design furniture editor created in 2016 by two friends and partners at work, Marta Rodriguez Ariño and Teresa Sapey. Through the combination of the characteristics of the founders: their creativity, freshness, spontaneity and experience, they have created a platform that combines professional designs developed during the last few years of their career. Martha and Teresa have worked on various projects in several countries such as Spain, England, France, Italy and Japan which have been internationally recognized by design trends, fashion and lifestyle specialized press.

Committed to quality, unique design and craftsmanship, pieces of Ma®Te are well finished to detail. Each part is manufactured in Spain and is characterized by freshness, elegance, originality and contemporaneity. A subtle blend of rounded forms, in combination with quality materials and a challenge with the colors are the result of a unique collection, with the identity and the character of an exclusive product.



Teresa Sapey graduated from the Polytechnic Faculty of Turin in 1985 and, soon after, obtained a BA in Fine Arts (BFA Parson School of Design, Paris). In 1990, Teresa founded the Studio, which is named after her, in Madrid. Teresa Sapey combines her professional career with teaching as she has collaborated with the Faculty of Architecture La Villette in Paris; Domus Academy in Milan, Camilo José Cela University and Polytechnic University in Madrid.

The Studio works for various public and private institutions and collaborates with different design and art professionals. Teresa Sapey’s work has been published in the most renowned national and international magazines. Teresa won the Wallpaper Young Breakthrough Designer of The Year prize and, in 2008, the Woman Together prize given by the United Nations in New York. In 2009, Marie Claire (Italy) named her among the 10 women who will change the world. In 2010, she received another prize, by AD magazine, “Best designer of the year”, for her work as the architect who had taken care of the urban ‘non-spaces’.




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Marta Rodriguez Ariño becomes a fully qualified architect in 1991 at the Universidad Técnica Superior of Madrid in 1991 and she received a Master in construction from UPM. During her career she has developed projects in France, Spain and Japan. She has also worked as a furniture designer for several Italian manufacturers.

After attending the Academy of Spain in Rome, Marta worked for eleven years with the General Directorate of the Ministry of Development Corps. In 1999 he founded her own studio Mra ArQT, an activity that she combines with the technical direction of an interior design magazine, teaching at the universities ETSAM, UPM and COAM in Madrid, with the architectural profession in association with the Studio of Teresa Sapey, and as an editor of the furniture design of Ma®Te 360ºdesign. Finally, her responsibilities as head of the new technical solutions of an Interior Design magazine, allowed her to specialize in new materials, products and technologies.